10 Unique Gift Ideas for Home Patissiers: Delight Your Loved Ones with These Next-Level Baking Tools and Gadgets

10 Unique Gift Ideas for Home Patissiers: Delight Your Loved Ones with These Next-Level Baking Tools and Gadgets

Published: March 30th, 2023 | Last Updated: March 30th, 2023

If you have a loved one who enjoys baking delicious desserts at home, you know how much they cherish their time in the kitchen. To make their experience even better, why not surprise them with the perfect gift? Sometimes it's hard for a home patissier to buy a particular piece of equipment because it's hard for them to justify the price, or because the item is for a very niche type of dessert. This list features 10 unique gifts that are sure to bring excitement and joy in the kitchen.

Whether they're just starting out or are seasoned bakers, there are plenty of tools and gadgets that can help them achieve their best results and bring their dessert-game to the next level. In this article, we'll share 10 perfect gift ideas for home patissiers that are sure to delight your loved ones.

Gift Ideas*

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  1. Stand Mixer: A high-quality stand mixer can make a huge difference in a patissier's baking game. This powerful appliance can mix, knead, and whip ingredients to perfection. Most home patissier start off with an electric hand whisk, but the stand mixer allows you to achieve consistent results, without having to stand there holding a heavy electric whisk. It's the gateway to many desserts that require precision such as macarons, tarts and choux pastry. We recommend this KitchenAid Stand Mixer which is a popular choice among home bakers and is built to last.
  2. Silicone entremet moulds: Silicone entremet moulds are used to create perfectly shaped mousse cakes. They are flexible and non-stick, making it super easy to unmould and their shape helps make sure there are no leakages or spills when making entremet mousse cakes. We recommend the Silikomart 180mm round mould. It is a perfect cake size for 8-12 people, has a clean and minimalist design making it timeless for continuous use over many years. Click here to buy it on Amazon.
  3. Hand/Immersion blender: This is actually one of our most used tools when making desserts. It is essential to creating the perfect ganache and other emulsions that would be impossible with just a whisk. We recommend this Robot Coupe MicroMix which we’ve been using for years and it’s the trusted brand used in many professional kitchens and patisseries. This MicroMix brings the commercial grade power and reliability to a domestic kitchen. We prefer this to other brands that may overheat and not last as long.
  4. Thermometer: A thermometer is another essential tool for a home patissier who wants precise and consistent results every time. Many desserts and techniques require temperature precision such as tempering chocolate, making a creme anglaise and making caramels. This Lavatools Instant Read Thermometer is fast, reliable and easy to use.
  5. Commercial Spatulas: A good spatula is a patissier's best friend in the kitchen and is used for pretty much every dessert. This Set of Silicone Spatulas is perfect for scraping bowls, folding ingredients, and more. They are commercial grade which means they handle heat better and last longer.
  6. Siphon Gun / Cream Whipper: The cream whipper is a versatile tool! It can be used for many innovative and fancy techniques such as creating an airy mousse, microwave sponges, foams for hot chocolate, syrups and many more. This gift will surely be appreciated and will be exciting and fun to use. The siphon we recommend is the iSi Profi Whip which is the most reputable and reliable brand of cream whippers and also used in many commercial kitchens.
  7. High Accuracy Precision Scales: Accurate weighing of ingredients can make a big difference in the success of a patissier's recipes. Most serious home patissiers already have a scale but a precision scale is useful for those micro measurements that are required for special ingredients such as gelatin powder, ice cream stabilisers, xanthan gum, citric acid and even salt. This High Accuracy Precision Scale can measure in increments of 0.01g. We also appreciate that it uses AAA batteries which are easy to change!
  8. Blow Torch: Bring some fire and excitement with a blow torch! These can be used to create the perfect creme brulee or lightly toast meringues on a lemon tart or bombe alaska. This inZaynity blowtorch has an adjustable flame and has a sleek look in a variety of colours!
  9. Polycarbonate Chocolate Bar Moulds: Tempering chocolate is a can be an intimidating but rewarding technique for home patissiers, so why not buy some polycarbonate chocolate bar moulds to encourage them to try! Chocolatiers use polycarbonate mould because they create super glossy and beautiful results. These polycarbonate chocolate moulds have three designs in one mould for a good variety!
  10. Perforated Tart Rings: For patissiers who love to create tarts, this 8-inch 8-inch DeBuyer Perforated Tart Ring is a must-have. The size is perfect for 4-8 people. It features perforations that allow the air to circulate better for a more even bake. This is a French brand commonly used by patissiers all over the world.

How to Choose the Best Gifts

When choosing gifts for home patissiers, consider their experience level, baking preferences, and budget. If they're just starting out, a good set of long-lasting basic tools like kitchen scales, spatulas and thermometers may be the best choice. If they're more experienced, they may appreciate more advanced tools like a stand mixer, immersion blender or fun and exciting new tools such as a blow torch or a siphon gun.


Choosing the perfect gift for a home patissier doesn't have to be difficult. With these 10 unique gift ideas, you can surprise your loved ones with tools and gadgets that will help them create the desserts of their dreams.

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