Pokeball Entremet Glaze and Band


Published: June 27th, 2020 | Last Updated: July 24th, 2021

The Pokéball is a signature prop to the world-famous Pokémon franchise and is the perfect object to replicate as a round cake for a Pokémon-themed party or as a present to a friend who grew up with and adores Pokémon.

As impressive as other decorated cakes are, whether they use buttercream, whipped cream, meringue, fondant or cream cheese, none of them can yield a perfectly sleek and glossy look as an entremet can. For a themed-cake like a Pokéball, the icing on the cake is no longer just 'icing on the cake' as the phrase goes - it is everything to look the part.

Read more here about what an entremet is (and how amazing they are)!


Pokeball Glaze (total 763g)

  • 150g water
  • 125g caster sugar
  • 175g glucose syrup 
  • 100g sweetened condensed milk
  • 13g leaf gelatin  or 78g gelatin mass
  • 200g white chocolate
  • 1 tsp red colour powder
  • 1 tsp titanium dioxide
  • Frozen mousse cake

Black Chocolate Band with White Button

  • 100g white chocolate
  • 1 tsp black colour powder
  • ½ tsp titanium dioxide


Red and White Glazes

  1. Heat the water, glucose and sugar to 103°C. Constantly stir to ensure the entire mixture is 103°C.
  2. While heating, separate and soak gelatin leaves in cold water
  3. Add condensed milk to mixture
  4. Squeeze out excess water from gelatin and place into mixture
  5. Stir briefly then pour mixture over white chocolate in a tall narrow container
  6. Emulsify mixture with hand blender being careful not to introduce too much air
  7. Pour half of the mixture into a second tall container
  8. Add red colour powder to the first mixture and continue emulsifying, adding more colour powder if the colour is not strong enough, creating the red glaze
  9. Add titanium dioxide to the second mixture and continue emulsifying, creating the white glaze
  10. Strain each glaze into separate containers. Cover with plastic wrap touching the surface of the mixture
  11. Cool glazes and store in fridge
  12. When ready to use, heat up the glazes in short bursts into the microwave (not past 45°C) to be applied at 30°C. Avoid introducing air bubbles while reheating, see tips here.
  13. Take the mousse cake out of the freezer and place onto a wire rack with a tray underneath to catch the excess glaze. Ensure the mousse cake is frozen to -18°C but not any colder. Placing the mousse cake onto an elevation that is smaller than the size of the mousse cake (eg. a small cake ring) is helpful for when moving the mousse cake after the glazing
  14. Place a chocolate scraper or something similar that covers the full length of the mousse cake lightly on top of the cake, at the middle to form a half-divide
  15. Pour the red glaze over one half of the entremet, being careful to cover the entire visible surface from the top and its sides
  16. Pour the white glaze over the second half of the entremet
  17. Move the glazed cake into the fridge for setting whilst preparing the black chocolate band

Black Chocolate Band with White Button

  1. Cut an acetate sheet into the shape of a long thin band with a circle in the middle. Place on a sheet of baking paper and set aside.
  2. Temper white chocolate, and pour one quarter of the tempered chocolate into a separate bowl
  3. Add black colour powder to the larger portioned tempered chocolate, adding more colour powder if the colour is not strong enough, creating black coloured chocolate
  4. Add titanium dioxide to the smaller portioned tempered chocolate, creating a bright white coloured chocolate
  5. Thinly spread the white coloured chocolate onto a sheet of baking paper with an offset spatula and use small-sized ring cutters to cut two different sized circles in the chocolate, ensuring that the larger-sized ring cutter is still a smaller size than the circle of the cut acetate sheet. Set aside.
  6. Pour a dollop of the black coloured chocolate onto the middle of the acetate pokeball band and spread the chocolate evenly across the entire acetate with an offset spatula
  7. Take the glazed mousse cake out. Keep the glazed mousse cake in the fridge until required, to avoid keeping the cake in room temperature for too long.
  8. Carefully remove the acetate from the baking sheet before the chocolate set.
  9. Carefully place the acetate over the middle of the cake, chocolate-side down, gently pressing the acetate against the surface of the cake, covering the divide of the two colours
  10. Carefully remove the white coloured chocolate discs from the baking paper and stick the smaller white disc over the middle of the larger white disc with a bit of melted chocolate
  11. Carefully peel away the acetate sheet from the black chocolate pokeball band on the cake
  12. Carefully stick the stacked white discs over the middle of the black circle of the pokeball band with a bit of melted chocolate to complete the pokeball look


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