Raspberry Cloud Mousse

A unique and refreshing raspberry experience


Published: June 27th, 2021 | Last Updated: July 24th, 2021

This raspberry cloud mousse is a unique, refreshing and light dessert that packs a strong and tart raspberry punch! It is served frozen and has pillowy soft and marshmallow-like texture. It only uses 4 ingredients, is egg-less and dairy free!

A cloud mousse is also known as ‘whipped jelly’ or ‘fake marshmallow’. It is airy like a meringue or sponge, but it doesn’t contain any egg. It is creamy and soft like a mousse but it doesn’t contain any cream. It starts off as a jelly and is whipped until it magically transforms into a light cloud. It is a refreshing dessert that is perfect on its own. It could also be used as a special element for a plated dessert.


Raspberry Consomme (crystal clear raspberry juice)

  • 1kg frozen raspberries
  • 100g sugar

Cloud Mousse

  • 360g raspberry juice
  • 3 gelatin leaves (any kind)

Garnish (optional)

  • Freeze dried raspberries

Tools used for this Recipe

We highly recommend the following tools to help you get the best results with the raspberry cloud mousse and for all of your other desserts too.

Sous vide machine

The sous vide machine is used in this recipe to make the raspberry juice. The sous-vide machine provides a fool-proof way to extract raspberry juice that is crystal clear. It makes the whole process a lot less error prone.A sous vide machine works by keeping a bath of water at a constant temperature. We recommend a reliable and high quality food processor like this one.

The sous vide machine can also be used for a whole range of other dessert and savoury applications. It can help achieve a perfectly set creme brulee, flan or even temper chocolate. 

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Stand mixer

The stand mixer is really a necessity for this recipe as it involves whipping the jelly for long periods. Save your arm strength and multitask by getting a stand mixer.

The stand mixer is an investment, but it is used in countless dessert applications such as meringues, cake and cookie batters and choux pastry. We recommend a good quality stand mixer such as this one which will last through years of dessert making.

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Other tools


Make Raspberry Consomme 

  1. Preheat a sous vide bath to 65°C.
  2. Add frozen raspberries and sugar to a ziplock bag and shake to distribute the sugar.
  3. With the ziplock still slightly open, slowly place it into the water and allow the air to escape through the opening (being careful to not let any water into the ziplock bag). When most of the air is out, seal the bag.
  4. Cook in the sous vide bath for at least 45 minutes.
  5. Set a sieve over a bowl and empty the contents of the ziplock into the sieve to allow the juice to drain through. Be careful to not push or squeeze raspberry flesh too much to avoid the raspberry particles seeping into the juice.

Make Raspberry Jelly

  1. Soak the gelatin leaves in cold water until softened.
  2. Heat the raspberry juice to roughly 50 - 70°C. I.e., just hot enough to dissolve the gelatin. It should be hot to touch, but not near simmering.
  3. Place the gelatin in the raspberry juice and stir to dissolve.
  4. Allow to set in the fridge completely. At least 8 hours, ideally 24 hours.


Whip up the Cloud Mousse

1. Place the jelly into the bowl of a stand mixer and whisk for 40 minutes, scraping down the sides as needed.


2. Once voluminous and fluffy, transfer to a mould and immediately place it in the freezer to set. At least 8 hours or overnight.


3. Once set, remove from the mould and cut into desired shapes.


4. Serve immediately.

Plating Suggestion

Cut into cubes and sprinkle freeze dried raspberries over the top


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