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Simplify your flow and processes using our handy dessert tools and calculators designed to help you save time. We use these ourselves all the time!

Scale Recipe to Ingredient Calculator

Sometimes we have a leftover ingredient and if we want to use all of it, we need to adjust the recipe to have the exact amount of that ingredient whilst keeping the recipe ratios the same. Here is the calculator that does just that!


  1. Enter the recipe into the left box. The form will automatically populate with all of your ingredients and their amounts.
  2. Change the amount of one of the ingredients. The other ingredients will scale based on the amount you entered.
  3. View the scaled recipe in the right box.

Note: All ingredients amounts should be of the same unit.



Recipe Resizer - Recipe Scaling Calculator Mobile App

The Recipe Resizer app allows you to resize recipes instantly.

  • Resize recipes to have a specific number of servings or portions
  • Enter recipes with any unit
  • Scale recipes with fractional ingredient amounts
  • Scale recipes for different sizes

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Gelatin Conversion Calculator

Sometimes a recipe calls for a specific type of gelatin that we don't have. Fortunately, we can convert from one type to another.

If the recipe calls for a specific number of gelatin leaves, you can substitute that with any other type of gelatin leaf. If the recipe calls for a certain amount of grams, the calculation is more difficult which is why we created this calculator to help us do just that!


  1. Select the type of gelatin leaf that the recipe calls for in the dropdown on the left side.
  2. Enter the amount of gelatin it requires in the box on the left side.
  3. Select the type of gelatin you want to convert it to on the right side.
  4. Observe the number in the box on the right hand side. That is the amount you want!


(Bloom strength: 200)



(Bloom strength: 160)

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