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Ruby Coconut Hero
Ruby Coconut Hero

Published: November 7th, 2019 | Last Updated: July 24th, 2021


This is a fun and easy ruby chocolate recipe which does not require flame or oven and only uses 3 ingredients. Send this to a friend who loves Bounty chocolate bars or make them yourself! A little bit of grated coconut sprinkled on top adds a nice touch of class for entertaining guests. Best stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight.


  • 200g Dessicated coconut (leave a small portion to garnish)
  • 200g Sweet condensed milk
  • 150g Tempered ruby chocolate


  • Mix dessicated coconut and condensed milk well
  • Pour onto lined tray
  • Mould to desired shape
  • Press coconut mixture into a compact and even shape
  • Rest in fridge overnight
  • Unmould coconut slab
  • Slice into desired sizes
  • Separate coconut pieces
  • Press the edges gently to clean up the shape of the coconut
  • Enrobe coconut in ruby chocolate and tap excess chocolate off
    • Tip: Work quickly as the ruby chocolate will start to set. The thicker the chocolate, the harder it is to use. If the chocolate becomes too thick, re-temper the chocolate.
  • Place onto a lined surface
  • Sprinkle dessicated coconut onto one corner to garnish

Special Equipment

Dipping fork

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